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About Checco Zalone

Checco Zalone is the name of a character created by music comedian Pasquale Luca Medici (born in Bari on June 3, 1977). Zalone is a parody of a romantic Neapolitan singer who performs at weddings and communions, showcasing a rather approximative knowledge of Italian grammar. He also seems to have a rather shady past as a hapless burglar and petty delinquent. The character became well-known in 2005, thanks to the TV standup comedy show Zelig Off. He has subsequently appeared in many of the other Mediaset consortium TV shows. In his act, Zalone imitates other songwriters, such as Carmen Consoli and Tiziano Ferro; comments on soccer-related topics; or rewrites the lyrics of popular songs in a humorous or raunchy way. Zalone has released two full-length albums, ...Se No Avrei Fatto il Cantande (2006) and Se Ce l'o' Fatta Io...Ce la Puoi Farcela Anche Tu (2007). ~ Mariano Prunes