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beFour is a pop quartet that was cast by German TV station SuperRTL for their 2007 docu-soap beFour: Das Star-Tagebuch (beFour: The Star Diary). The group, which is comparable to the similarly styled Banaroo and Chipz, includes four vocalists, two boys and two girls: Manou (born February 18, 1984, in Uznach, Switzerland), Alina (born November 2, 1984, in Geilenkirchen, Germany), Dan (born December 17, 1987, in Berlin, Germany), and Angel (born February 21, 1982, in Velbert, Germany), all of them active in dancing, acting, and singing. According to beFour's website, the group members already met five years before their TV show and were discovered by producer Christian Geller at a dancing contest. Their 2007 debut album, All 4 One, despite almost universally negative reviews, reached number one on the German and Swiss charts and number two on the Austrian charts. Six months later the group released their second album, Hand in Hand: The Winter Album. Reaching the top ten in Germany and Austria, the album went on to receive gold status, selling over 100,000 copies. 2008 saw the release of We Stand United followed a year later by 2009s Friends 4 Ever.

~ Christian Genzel

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