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Norwegian black metal band Tsjuder (named for an ancient tribe of Russian barbarians) was formed in 1993 by bassist/vocalist Nag and guitarist Berserk, with second guitarist Drauglin joining them a year later, and helping out with their first demo, 1995's "Ved Ferdens Ende." Berserk chose to depart shortly thereafter, but the band soldiered on with drummer Torvus in tow for their next demo, 1996's "Possessed," and, his replacement, Desecrator, for the colorfully named Throne of the Goat EP, in 1997. By then, indie labels had begun to pay attention to Tsjuder's totally uncompromising brand of brutal, speed-addicted black metal (reminiscent of original Norwegian trendsetters like Mayhem and Darkthrone) and the fledgling group's next promo disc Atum Nocturnem was eventually released by At War Records. Two full-length albums: 2000s Kill for Satan and 2002's Demonic Possession would follow via Drakkar Productions, and, after striking a new deal with Season of Mist Records, 2004's Desert Northern Hell was unveiled. All through these many years and releases, a Spinal Tap-like procession of musicians had come and gone in support of mainstays Nag and Drauglin, with Anti-Christ serving most recent duty behind the drum kit. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

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