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Bringing together goths, shoegazers, techno aficionados, and minimal wave enthusiasts, Tropic of Cancer's unique sound draws from all of these scenes whilst also drawing in their followers. Formed in 2007 as a collaborative project between Camella Lobo and her partner Juan Mendez -- also known for his techno work under the guise Silent Servant -- the duo surprised many with the release of their first single, The Dull Age, in 2009. Released on the British label Downwards, it stood out from the grinding, industrial techno sound that the label had previously released since its inception in the mid-'90s, with its mix of reverb-drenched drumbeats, shoegazy synths, and hushed vocals. Two years passed and with a handful of live shows under their belts, the duo released their second single, Be Brave, for Downwards, quickly followed by their first EP, The Sorrow of Two Blooms on London-based label Blackest Ever Black. Focusing on his own solo output and his work with techno collective Sandwell District, Mendez decided to leave the project, with Lobo taking full creative control. Her first solo release as Tropic of Cancer came in 2012 with Permissions of Love for Italian label Mannequin.

I Feel Nothing followed later that year, and in mid-2013, Lobo announced that she would release her debut album on Blackest Ever Black, preceded by the limited 7" More Alone. ~ Rich Wilson

    Los Angeles, CA

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