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Comprising Rik Emmett, Gil Moore and Mike Levine, Canadian power trio, Triumph, shared many similarities to Rush aside from geographical location. All three members were highly accomplished musicians who experimented with many facets of high-tech melodic rock, yet they followed a rockier road than their fellow countrymen. Characterized by Emmett’s high-pitched vocals and intricate guitar work, rife with keyboard fills and boasting a thunderous rhythm section, they made their breakthrough with 1979’s JUST A GAME, their third album. The subsequent ALLIED FORCES and NEVER SURRENDER both attained gold status in the States in the early-'80s. As the band was winding down in 1986, THE SPORT OF KINGS saw the band move in a blatantly commercial direction as the outfit scored the unlikely top 40 hit "Somebody's Out There."

Toronto, Ontario, Canada