Trapboy Freddy
Trapboy Freddy

Trapboy Freddy

About Trapboy Freddy

Rapper Trapboy Freddy has been repping Dallas through a grip of self-released mixtapes featuring his Southern drawl over bouncy trap beats.

• Freddy started rapping as a teenager and self-recorded his first mixtape in 30 days after getting a $1,400 studio kit.
• In addition to dropping solo releases, Freddy has put out joint mixtapes with Slezzy Bezzy (CME Or Nothing), Lil Trigga (Black Migo), Go Yayo (Trap & Yayo), and Yella Beezy (I’m My Brother’s Keeper).
• His 2019 hit “Lil Quita” is built around a sample from a viral clip of a young woman’s freestyle.
• Aside from music, Trapboy Freddy is involved in several other money-making ventures, including dog kennels, tobacco shops, and car auctions.

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