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Columbus, OH-based indie pop combo Tiara was formed in 1995 by singer/guitarist Eric Rottmayer, also famed in underground circles for his solo project Metronome. Guitarist Brian Freshour, his bassist brother Craig and drummer Brian Moore soon completed the lineup, with the debut Tiara single "Birthmark" (a split release with Preston Furman) appearing in 1996; "Find the Time" followed a year later, and in 1998 the group issued its first full-length effort Calling the Whales on the Hub City label. Upon completing the album, Craig Freshour left the band, and with the addition of new guitarist Matt Leaver, Brian Freshour assumed bass duties; in the wake of "Swingset," a split single with Silver Scooter, Tiara resurfaced in 1999 with the single "It's a Message," returning the following spring with the LP Again Cast In. ~ Jason Ankeny

Columbus, OH

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