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In the artist’s words: Describe one of your earliest musical memories in detail. In early high school, realizing that I could sing and play piano at the same time. I had been taking piano lessons since age 3 and singing with my mom my whole life growing up, but it didn't really hit me until then that I could combine the two. What are your top 3 all-time favorite albums on Apple Music, and why? Why did you choose these three albums in particular? James Taylor, Sweet Baby James Joni Mitchell, Ladies of the Canyon Pinegrove, Marigold I'm a firm believer in storytelling through music and these artists are, to me, some of the most lyrically poetic yet still vulnerable and honest. Music is an outlet for me to share intimate parts of my life, as it clearly is for these artists. What’s one of the most memorable moments in your career so far? Finishing my first album, Fridge Magnet Symphony. I've lived in the world of classical music and musical theatre for so long that I've had a hard time writing anything truly personal. This is the first time in my life I feel I've represented myself. Is there anything left on your bucket list as an artist or band? For someone in the world to relate to my music, and find some comfort, happiness, or connection through it. I put this first album out for my own peace, so I can only hope that's what others find.

Hamilton, ON, Canada
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