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Emerging from the dystopian cyberpunk depths of Neo-Tokyo, Scandroid is the solo musical project created by synth-wave artist Klayton. The Detroit-based artist created the character Red, who, according to the fictional origin story, discovered the "New Retro" sound of a "forgotten era" (i.e., the '80s) and formed the Scandroid project to resurrect that retro style. The Scandroid concept debuted in 2013, when Klayton and his then-collaborator, fellow synth artist Varien, released the debut single "Salvation Code." Scandroid's '80s-inspired electronic soundscapes recalled contemporaries like S U R V I V E and Lost Years, with nods to inspirations like Depeche Mode, Skinny Puppy, Tears for Fears, and New Order. A second single followed before Varien parted ways with Klayton in 2014 to focus on his own projects. Scandroid's first official full-length was issued in late 2016. The self-titled Scandroid featured an appearance by Circle of Dust, Klayton's '90s industrial metal band, on "Pro-bots and the Robophobes." In 2017, Scandroid issued the remix collection Dreams of Neo-Tokyo, featuring interpretations by guests like Dance with the Dead, Waveshaper, and Gost. That same year, he released "The Force Theme," his neon interpretation of the Star Wars theme song, as well as "A Thousand Years." ~ Neil Z. Yeung, Rovi

    Detroit, MI
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