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Princess Century is the solo alias of Maya Postepski, a Toronto-based synth pop musician who co-founded the bands Austra and TR/ST. Her solo work is more experimental than the club-ready goth pop of her groups, exploring shadowy darkwave, space disco, and interstellar ambience. She began releasing Princess Century material after leaving TR/ST, debuting in 2013 with the vocal-driven Lossless LP on the U.K.'s Kennington Recordings. Two years later, the project began releasing material on Toronto's Paper Bag Records, also home to Austra and TR/ST. An EP titled Lossy appeared in July of 2015, featuring a 22-minute dance track called "Discoset" and generally having higher fidelity than her first full-length. Her second album, Progress, followed in September; as with the EP, the album was entirely instrumental, and moved between dark, melodic techno and polyrhythmic experiments. ~ Paul Simpson

March 6, 1986