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Describe one of your earliest musical memories in detail. My earliest memory of being in a musical trance is a roadtrip with my family back in Morocco. We were all singing along and vybing to MJ's Billie Jean & Marlon Asher's Ganja Farmer (I didn't understand that song until I got older but a true banger)
What are your top 3 all-time favorite albums on Apple Music, and why? Why did you choose these three albums in particular? 2Pac, Greatest Hits Anthony Hamilton, Comin' from Where I'm From Michael Jackson, Thriller 2pac bc all of the tracks hit the soul. Period. Thriller is mandatory, no matter what type of music you listen to. He's just HIM. A.Hamilton is just elite. His voice, the lyricism, the beats just bring me back to that raw RnB mixed with soul.
Find a song of yours on Apple Music that you love and tell us what makes it special. Tell us why you chose this song. “Top 1” The delivery was just so eloquent and not rushed. Speaking my truth and reality and also manifesting things into my life. The storytelling on that one is on a different level than my other tracks. Give it a listen and come back to me.
What’s one of the most memorable moments in your career so far? Till this day, I would have to say when I first performed in Quebec City as an opening act for Dadju in 2019. The whole crowd started to sing out loud my track "Fantasy" and I was just shocked. No words, just in awe.
Is there anything left on your bucket list as an artist or band? The Super Bowl Halftime Show. Selling out the Bell Centre back in Montreal. Grammys. But most importantly, getting my family right and using my influence to do the best I can for the kids of tomorrow. Leaving a Legacy.

Montréal, QC, Canada
September 16, 1999

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