South Korean boy band Pentagon is a ten-piece group created in 2016 by Cube Entertainment. Formed via Mnet's competition show Pentagon Maker, the K-pop outfit is made up of Korean members Jinho Cho, Hui (Lee Hoe-taek), Hongseok Yang, E'Dawn (Kim Hyo-jong), Shinwon Koh, Yeo One (Yeo Chang-gu), Kino (Kang Hyung-gu), and Wooseok Jung, as well as Chinese member Yan An from Shanghai and Japanese member Yuto Adachi from Nagano.
Their debut EP arrived in October 2016, peaking at number seven on the Gaon chart. Months later, their sophomore EP, Five Senses, arrived at number five. In March 2017, Pentagon issued their first Japanese EP, Gorilla (from the single of the same name). Gorilla debuted at number six on the Gaon chart and third on the Oricon chart. Three months later, the Ceremony EP became their first U.S. chart entry, arriving on Billboard's world chart at number 14. Months later, Demo_01 charted even higher, peaking at number five in the U.S. They closed the year out with Demo_02.
2018 was filled with multiple offerings, including Japanese releases Violet and Shine, as well as Korean EPs Thumbs Up! and Positive, which was their highest selling to date. After the departure of E'Dawn, the boys issued 2019's first set with Genie:us, which included hit single "Sha La La." Months later, they released the appropriately titled Sum(me:r). ~ Neil Z. Yeung

    Seoul, South Korea
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