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Toronto-born dream pop/electronic shoegazer Daniel Benjamin (aka Moon King) transitioned to a lo-fi house producer while maintaining the common thread of lush chords and a Motorik vibe. Their debut album, 2013's Obsession, initially pegged the group as Wall of Sound shoegazers, yet the follow-up, 2015's Secret Life, veered more toward the dream pop end of the spectrum. By 2017, the band had split, with Benjamin moving to Detroit and carrying on the Moon King name, albeit with a shift in focus toward dance music that took shape on a mini-album, Hamtramck '16, in 2017. While living in Toronto, Benjamin found his break when some of his early cassette demos were passed to Mike Haliechuk (F****d Up), who was impressed enough to request a series of 12" releases on his label, One Big Silence. Soon after, he was snapped up by local label Arbutus, where he regularly collaborated with his labelmates, including a stint as the drummer for Grimes' live band. Eventually Benjamin assembled a band of his own, including guitarist/vocalist Maddy Wilde, to play live shows and record a couple of albums. By 2016 the band had begun to disassemble, with Wilde opting out and Benjamin relocating to Detroit. Living in the Motor City heavily influenced Benjamin's musical taste and led to elements of house and disco seeping into his recorded music. Hamtramck '16 was named after the town Benjamin lived in, adjacent to Detroit. ~ Liam Martin

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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