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About meth.

Based out of Chicago, cacophonous six-piece Meth. make metal that draws on both the experimental lawlessness of the noise scene and the exacting precision of mathcore. Known for live shows that combine searching improvisation with razor-sharp performances of the band's composed songs, Meth. translated that caustic energy onto record with their 2019 full-length debut Mother of Red Light.
Meth. was formed in Chicago in 2016 by vocalist/songwriter Seb Alvarez (formerly of hardcore act Cadence Fox). Alvarez intended for Meth. to be a solo project, but soon brought on the members of Black Nail to be his backing band, ultimately ending up with a collective. After recording some demos, the group released their debut EP The Children Are Watching in 2017, followed by their second EP, the conceptual I Love You, the next year. Up until this point, Meth. were primarily a recording entity, and their material was chaotic yet controlled metalcore. Around 2018, the group turned toward live performance and often took their shows to experimental places. This change in style was reflected on the noise-laden textures of their explosive 2019 full-length Mother of Red Light. The band toured extensively in support of the album. ~ Fred Thomas