About Merkules

Canadian rapper Merkules isn’t afraid to bear his soul and confront issues like mental health with his intricate rhymes.

• The Surrey, British Columbia, native had his life changed at the age of 12, when his father took him to see Candaian rappers Swollen Members, Saukrates, and Sweatshop Union perform at his local mall.
• He honed his craft battle rapping as Merk Mikz before his mentor Snak the Rapper suggested the name Merkules.
• Merkules is a member of the Canadian hip-hop collective Stompdown Killaz (SDK).
• The rapper’s 2015 track “Scars” details a vicious machete attack that left him with marks across his face. The incident resulted in a period of extreme social anxiety—but it also gave him more time to focus on music.
• With 2019’s Special Occasion, Merkules made his first attempt at creating a cohesive album. The LP features guests like Paul Wall, DMX, and Tech N9ne.
• Merkules went viral with his 2019 remix of Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road.”

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