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One could say Martha Wainwright went into the family business when she became a singer and songwriter, but she has never had to rely on the reputations of her parents or siblings to earn acclaim for her brave, literate, and uncompromising work. Wainwright's music is rich, adventurous contemporary folk; there is an artful streak to her melodies that's evocative yet uncluttered, her lyrics offer a smart, unblinking look into her own life, and her vocals show her exploring the possibilities of her instrument with a bracing individuality and lack of pretense. She made an impressive debut with 2008's Martha Wainwright and its blend of folk and indie rock, she gave listeners a look into a period of personal turmoil on 2012's electronic-influenced Come Home to Mama, and 2021's Love Will Be Reborn, written in the wake of a divorce, struck a balance between anguish and hope.

Montreal, Canada
May 8, 1976