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About Lou Canon

Lou Canon (real name Leanne Greyerbiehl) is a Canadian multi-instrumentalist and alternative/indie pop singer/songwriter known for her lush, ethereal electronics and atmospheric compositions. Originally an elementary school teacher, she took an active interest in and pursued songwriting, composition, and music production in her free time. When her brother-in-law, indie folk artist Hayden, offered her the use of his home recording studio, Canon made the most of it, and the creative sessions ultimately resulted in her eponymous debut album, which was released on Haydens own label, Hardwood Records, in 2011. Canon performed guest vocals on Hayden's 2013 record, Us Alone, and subsequently went on tour in support of the album. She signed with Paper Bag Records, which released her sophomore effort, Suspicious, in early 2017. The record earned praise for its unique brand of sparse and downtempo "bedroom electronica." ~ Rob Wacey