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Dayton, OH-based dream pop quartet the Lab Partners formed in 1998 -- singer/guitarist Mike Smith and drummer Matt Schulz previously teamed in Honeyburn, while guitarist Kevin Parrett previously tenured with Ten O'Clock Scholar. Keyboardist Amy Smith, also Mike's wife, rounded out the original lineup, which issued its self-titled debut EP in 1999; the Turn It On EP followed a year later. Schulz subsequently left the Lab Partners to sign on with punk-pop combo Let's Crash, later drumming in Enon as well; with new drummer Ian Kaplan, the Lab Partners signed to the Big Beef label to record their first full-length effort, the excellent 2002 effort Daystar. After completing the album, Parrett left the lineup and was replaced by another Honeyburn vet, guitarist Mike Voik. ~ Jason Ankeny

Dayton, OH

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