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Toronto-based rapper Killy, born Khalil Tatem, achieved instant fame with the sing-songy, devil-may-care track "Killamonjaro." Despite his quick rise in 2017, a year in which he released that breakthrough Gray Jacques-produced single -- as well as a handful of additional cuts with streaming plays that likewise quickly eclipsed seven figures -- the young artist claimed that he had been developing his talent as far back as his middle school years. In 2018, Killy followed the spate of his first commercially released singles with Surrender Your Soul, a short album with no featured appearances. Like the earlier material, it was released through Secret Sound Club and distributed by Universal Music Group. Outside his primary discography, Killy's collaborations include tracks with 16yrold ("No Romance") and Scooby and Black Elk ("Bass Traditions"). ~ Andy Kellman

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