About Heretic

One of many bands to first gain exposure via Metal Blade's string of Metal Massacre compilations (in their case it was Vol. 7), Los Angeles' Heretic navigated the gray seas between thrash, speed, and power metal with their two releases: a 1987 EP titled Torture Knows No Boundaries, featuring original singer Mike Torres, and 1988's The Breaking Point LP, introducing vocalist Mike Howe. The remaining bandmembers for both efforts -- neither of which met with any significant commercial success -- were guitarists Brian Korban and Bobby Marquez, bassist Dennis O'Hara, and drummer Rick Merick. Now remembered as little more than a footnote in heavy metal history (although several other bands have re-utilized the name over the years), Heretic broke up when Howe accepted an invitation to replace David Wayne in Metal Church, paving the way for guitarist Korban and bassist O'Hara to team up with Wayne in his new band, Reverend. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

    Los Angeles, CA
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