Elana Harte - Top Songs

Like Water
Tell It To Yourself
Drive That Rhythm
Across the Border
My Poor Heart
Father's Daughter
Christmas Every Day (with Elana Harte, Kim Jarrett, Lucio Agostini, Jennifer Brewer, Mike Costantino, Janet Whiteway, Cathy Marchese, Sarah Hiltz, Amy Kate, Marcia Mcvean, Pamela Gilmartin, Elaine Dark, Marianne Mazur, Lee Taylor, Denise McRiner, Cheryl Beatty & Angela Saini)
Rescue Me
See You Through
My Poor Heart
My Heart, My Soul & My Song
Breathe Deeply
Have Mercy On Me
Nothing Without You
Here I Am
No Control
Miss You
Love of Mine
Middle of the Night
Let It Happen
Love of Mine
No More
Like Water
Lay Your Face
Just Like Jesse James
Take Me Home
Show Me the Way
Try So Hard
I Cry
Lady Freedom
Step Outside
Child In Me
All the Love in the World (English Version)
Madman At the Wheel
Beneath the Sky (feat. Elana Harte)
Say You Will (feat. Elana Harte)
I Wait For (feat. Elana Harte)
Cold (feat. Elana Harte)
Let's Run Away (feat. Elana Harte)
Beware (feat. Elana Harte)