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About El Cuarteto de Nos

Uruguayan rock band El Cuarteto de Nos was formed by brothers Roberto and Ricardo Musso (both in guitars and vocals), bassist Nicolas Tavella, and drummer Alavaro Pintos. The four-piece act released its self-titled debut album in 1984 and gained a reputation in the country's underground circuit due to the choreography integrated to their shows, which usually included aluminum-made costumes. During the '80s, two other albums came out: Soy una Arveja (1986) and Emilio Garcia (1988). Their lyrics picked the attention of critics, who described them as deeply irreverent, and sometimes even erotic. In 1994, the band released Otra Navidad en las Trincheras, which was one of the best-selling albums in the country during the decade. Two years later, El Cuarteto de Nos' song "El Día Que Artigas Se Emborracho" (included on 1996's El Tren Bala) was censored as it was considered an insult to Jose Artigas, the most illustrious patriot of Uruguay. In 2006, El Cuarteto de Nos released Raro, which was produced by Bajofondo Tango Club's Juan Campodónico. First single "Yendo a la Casa de Damian" was nominated at the 2007 Latin Grammy Awards. ~ Roman Kutnowski

Montevideo, Uruguay

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