Dr. Orlando Owoh

About Dr. Orlando Owoh

Owoh is a singer, composer and guitarist who performs a certain style of music known as "toye." This highlife musician has stood by his music, even through the boom of juju music. Owoh attracts an older audience that enjoys listening to his relaxing lyrics and music. His music career started when Owoh was fairly young. It began with him playing the bongos with The Fakunle Major Band in 1960. After spending three years fighting in Nigeria's civil war, Owoh picked up his music career and formed his own band. Soon after, Owoh and his band released their first popular song "Oriki Ilu Oke'." After changing his band style and settling down with a record company, Owoh and the Young Kenneries have put on a marvelous show. Considered to be one of the best bands in Nigeria, Owoh and his band have racked up 40 LPs and gained international recognition. ~ All Music Guide

Owo, Oyo State, Nigeria
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