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Amid the many artists contributing to the largely undocumented Miami bass scene centered on Joey Boy Records in the 1990s, DJ Fury certainly stands out as a major talent, as part of Bass Patrol and also as a solo artist. Born Brian Graham in Sanford, a small town in central Florida, Fury began his music career as a breakdancer and soon after moved to house-party throwing. He spent some time in the U.S. Air Force soon afterward and earned enough money to buy production equipment. He then began collaborating with rapper RX-Lord (Robert Lewis) as Bass Patrol and signed to Miami's preeminent bass label, Joey Boy. In addition to annual Bass Patrol releases (later compiled on a series of best-of collections), Fury also released solo albums: Bass Man (1992), This Is the Way It's Done, Not the Way It Should Be Done (1994), Back 2 da Bassics (1996), and a Greatest Hits collection (1996). After a few low-profile years, Fury resurfaced in the early 2000s with a comeback album, Still Blowin' Speakers (2000), and his own label, Full Moon Records. ~ Jason Birchmeier

Stanford, FL

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