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Named for their remedy for Los Angeles' sunny days, Cold Showers strike a balance between post-punk, synth pop, and indie pop. On early releases like 2012's Love and Regret, the band cultivated a refreshingly direct take on these styles that they later refined on 2015's synth-driven Matter of Choice and 2019's intricate Motionless.
Singer/bassist Jonathan Weil, singer/guitarist Jessie Clavin, keyboardist Brian Davila, drummer Renee Adams, and guitarist Chris King formed the band in 2010. The boy-girl vocals and fuzzed-out guitars on their first release, the 2011 Mexican Summer single Highlands, drew comparisons to X and the Jesus and Mary Chain; another single, 2012's Decay, preceded Cold Showers' debut mini-album for Dais Records, Love and Regret. Late that year, the band did their first Part Time Punks session at the L.A. club Echo Park; they returned for another in June 2013.
On their second album, 2015's Matter of Choice, Cold Showers tightened their songwriting and emphasized their synth pop leanings. By the time of 2019's Motionless, the band's lineup featured Weil, King, Tony Bevilacqua, and Emily Rose Epstein. Recorded at their L.A. studio with King producing the sessions, the band's third album refined their sound with touches of brass and strings. ~ Heather Phares

    Highland Park, CA

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