Charlotte Gainsbourg
Charlotte Gainsbourg

Charlotte Gainsbourg

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An award-winning actor and singer/songwriter, Charlotte Gainsbourg brings the bravery and openness of her film roles to her music. Recorded with her father, Serge, while she was a teen, 1986's Charlotte for Ever introduced the delicate vocals and willingness to challenge norms of her later albums. The graceful fusion of electronic, orchestral, and rock music on 2006's 5:55 paid homage to her heritage and defined her as an artist in her own right, while 2009's IRM broadened her range with psych-rock, dance-pop, and a more personal viewpoint. This confessional perspective peaked on 2017's Rest, where she expressed how to live with loss on songs that were equally mournful and joyful. Along the way, Gainsbourg worked with some of the world's most respected artists, including Beck and Paul McCartney, and her collaboration with Soundwalk Collective on 2022's futuristic Lovotic continued the forward-thinking expression in all of her projects.

    London, England
  • BORN
    July 21, 1971

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