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About Bill Rieflin

Seattle-born William Rieflin (b. September 30, 1960) is one of the most respected metal/industrial drummers of the last decade. Through his work with Ministry and that band's countless side projects, Rieflin has become known as a powerful and original force within the alternative scene. During the early '80s, Rieflin was a member of the Blackouts, a Seattle-based hard rock band. The lineup also included Paul Barker and Mike Scaccia, both future members of Ministry, as well as Rieflin's brother Raymond. The Blackouts folded in 1987, and Barker convinced Rieflin to join him and Al Jourgensen in the newly reinvented Ministry. Together they produced one of the seminal industrial albums, Land of Rape and Honey.
Rieflin continued to record and tour with Ministry into the mid-'90s, as well as the Revolting Cocks. He was also a regular guest with the industrial collectives Pigface and joined Chris Connelly's solo project. However, Rieflin and Jourgensen fell out during the sessions for Filth Pig, and the partnership with Ministry was ended. He continued to be a sought-after figure and recorded with KMFDM, the Swans, and Nine Inch Nails. In 1999, Rieflin released his first solo album, Birth of a Giant, featuring contributions for guitar-maestro Robert Fripp. The album was well-received, confirming Rieflin's reputation as one of the most talented drummers of recent years. ~ Jim Harper