Adam Baldwin - Top Songs

Causeway Road
Love You with My Eyes Closed
Dark Beside the Dawn
No. 2 Colliery
Lighthouse in Little Lorraine
The Voice of the Eastern Passage (Wayne’s Serenade)
Gerald Burgess RaceTrac Full Serve Autobody
Gone to the Dogs
A Plea to Saint Peter
Good Gracious
Burning Man
Half a Mind
Sparrow Song
No Telling When (Precisely Nineteen Eighty-Five)
Leaving on a Whim
No Rest for the Wicked
Bold as Brass
Bonnie Raitt
Living Proof
Tarred and Feathered
Strong Enough
Dancing In the Dark
Half a Mind (Chin Up Sessions)
Take on Me
I Will Always Love You
Dark Beside the Dawn (Chin Up Sessions)
Love You with My Eyes Closed (Chin Up Sessions)
As Long As You Love Me
Burning Man (Chin Up Sessions)
Anytime (Chin Up Sessions)
Love on the Rocks (Chin Up Sessions)
Daylight (Radio Edit)
Moon River