Editors' Notes Listening to “Good Stuff,” the heartfelt ballad from singer-songwriter Griff, you’d be forgiven for assuming it was a breakup song—see lyrics like “In another life, do me a favour and try to leave me broken and bitter/So moving on’s a little quicker.” But behind the track lies a very different kind of separation. “I wrote it about my family fostering kids,” Griff, aka Sarah Griffiths, tells Apple Music. “They would come and live with us [the singer also has two older brothers] for maybe a year or three years, and become like my brother or sister. They change the whole dynamic of the family, and it’s a whirlwind. Just when you start getting used to it, they move on.” Cue a nostalgic look back at the siblings she loved, then lost, set against a far more pared-back sound than the upbeat pop of her EP, The Mirror Talk. “It’s quite terrifying to release something that’s just piano and vocals,” she says. “But stripping it down felt like the best way to keep it raw and honest.” And if, despite knowing the track’s origin story, you still hear it as a love song, that’s just fine. “I disguised it as a breakup song,” she admits. “My situation is quite a niche, unique one that I’m not sure masses of people can say they’ve been through. It made sense to me to keep the lyrics open, so that more people can connect with the song.”

Good Stuff

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