Editors' Notes Before assuming that a 17-year-old girl has less to sing about than songwriters with more life experience, listen to these four songs, which show what it’s like when a young tunesmith channels an old soul. The title track of Lauren Aquilina's debut EP, Fools, is a haunting, sophisticated pop ballad trimmed in folky accoutrements; her vocals resemble a young, English Marissa Nadler. Even when she’s singing about the tension, fear, and apprehension of trusting a new love, it’s articulated with refined composure. Aquilina’s lyrics are more confrontational and dramatic in “Lilo”; it plays like a companion song to “Fools,” with a similar approach to picking the low E and A strings on an acoustic guitar. But Aquilina cleverly changes things up in the refrain with a feathery dream-pop production. “King” shows more dimension to her songwriting, as Aquilina puts down the guitar, hovers over her piano, and sings a reassuring song of love, strength, and confidence to her troubled muse. “Wonder” closes with Aquilina singing of unrequited love over sublime keyboard tones.


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