10 Songs, 30 Minutes


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4.6 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

_JLH ,

Wonderfully poetic and peaceful.

Fear and trembling is a breathtaking album from beginning to end. It's emotional charged and yet enchanting as it takes you to another time and another place. This album is filled with brilliant melodies and beautiful harmonies. The writing is clever and dynamic as each song builds off of the others. It draws you in and leaves you inspired. BUY IT you won't be disappointed!

Mama Spencer ,

Like a motion picture.

The writer uses music to tell a story. They music rises to swelling crests and has periods of deep tension that make you feel swept away by the emotions of the moment. it captures a moment in time. Heavenly melodies, with beauty in the tension. Like other reviewer said it does have ethereal qualities. Beautiful instrumentation and mixing of this album. Although I would have to say that track 4 needs Background vocals. In my opinion a female voice would suit the piece well. A beautiful work, like a vivid memory. Well Done!

MusicReviewYEG ,

Have you listened to this yet??

Some albums come and go, having a shelf life of maybe only a summer or season. Then some albums come along, and embody a sense of timelessness. From the first hypnotic, persistent, opening chord, Fear and Trembling will swoop you away into a work based off Soren Kierkegaard writings. These songs have been birthed from the text, and really come together to form a work of art. Knowing context is key to this album, as some of the lyrics may seem very strange* otherwise (*"Sacrifice your own son"). Together, the harmonies that float above the ethereal piano work create a very peaceful album with serious depth. It's not an album you throw on when you've only got 4 minutes to listen. Be sure to check it out with time to fully appreciate it!