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128 Ratings

flickerbat ,

There are no problems with these recordings...

The last person who reviewed this must have their sound badly set up or just bad hearing - these recordings are exactly as they are in the 'show' - and they sound fantastic. In fact, they are higher quality than many tracks on itunes.

And if you watch NPH in the second Harold and Kumar movie, watch through to the end of the credits... :)

srdclark ,

Amazing source material marred by recording quality

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog was a groundbreaking made-for-internet production and the soundtrack was eagerly awaited. To have the original songs from the show in their entirety, without sound effects and dialogue breaks, should have made for a great package. The sound quality on this iTunes Plus offering, unfortunately, is uneven at best. While many of the songs sound fantastic, others (including My Freeze Ray, Caring Hands, Everyone's a Hero and Everything You Ever) are underlaid with a terrible echo that makes them nearly unlistenable. Was this a deliberate choice or an encoding issue? The originals videos do not share this effect, making me suspect a problem with the recordings of these four songs used for this set, or with the iTunes Plus files themselves. Additionally, Brand New Day appears to still contain the faintest hint of sound effects in the left channel, making for a distracting effect. Overall, I'm glad to support Joss and Co with my ten bucks, regardless of quality. The set is worth the cost for a quacking-free version of My Eyes alone, but I'm disappointed at the quality control in something I was looking so forward to. I'm hoping that corrected files will be made available to purchasers at some point in the future.

Harthouse ,

Sounds Horribly Familiar

If you haven't already downloaded the Videos do that, then buy all of these because NPH, Day and Fillion knock this one out of the park.

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