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Circus refocuses Britney Spears’ energies on what she does best: sexy, icy dance music. Every trance-inducing dancefloor beat invites its eager listeners to design their own choreography routine. She even manages to put a twist on the same old sound with the futuristic disco funk of “Lace and Leather.” Britney’s fifth album shows the reigning superstarlet getting her groove back.


Circus refocuses Britney Spears’ energies on what she does best: sexy, icy dance music. Every trance-inducing dancefloor beat invites its eager listeners to design their own choreography routine. She even manages to put a twist on the same old sound with the futuristic disco funk of “Lace and Leather.” Britney’s fifth album shows the reigning superstarlet getting her groove back.


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4.3 out of 5
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466 Ratings

DayStead ,

CIRCUS Worthy of the Comeback Title

It was only a year ago that Britney Spears released BLACKOUT, her supposed comeback album that would return her to the forefront of the music industry. While it was technically a great pop album, it lacked Spears' own involvement, with her voice being heavily processed and digitally enhanced and sounding as though it was a mere instrument being covered up as best as possible. The songs were great, but Spears was clearly not giving it her all.

With CIRCUS, Spears relies much less on the producers to make her sound good, and actually sings with few enhancements on a number of the songs. Aside from her voice, Spears also co-wrote three of the tracks for an album that is superior to its predecessor. The project feels a lot more solid and unified under the "circus" theme that carries throughout the album in some capacity, rather than just a random set of 12 songs like BLACKOUT was.

Highlights include the hit lead-single "Womanizer" (which you've all heard a million times by now), the impressive title track "Circus," "Mannequin," and the paparazzi-attacking "Kill The Lights." However, the album's best track is "If You Seek Amy," which is not only a synthesized, rock-infused dance record, but also has a not-so-hidden message (you'll hear it first time you listen to it). The album also brings ballads back to Spears' music, something that was sorely lacking on BLACKOUT. "Out From Under" is easily one of the best ballads she has ever recorded, sung with an aching voice that soars throughout, and the schmaltzy, but very lovely "My Baby," a simple song dedicated to her two young boys.

CIRCUS is a welcome return for Spears and certainly an album that would appease anyone who loves pop, dance, or r&b music. While it's not perfect, it does its job in showing that Britney Spears is still a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Mr.Britney ,

The "Blackout" is finnished; the "Circus" is in town!

1.Womanizer- An bombastic electro-pop cut taking on all of the womanizers out there. Britney's vocals sound better than ever here- she sound strong, agressive, and to the point. The song gave her her 2nd billboard hot 100 number one single- the first one in ten years! It marked the true comeback of an icon and proved that through it all, Britney is here to stay. An amazing song that never grows old. 5/5

2.Circus- Set to be the second single, Britney steals the show with this fierce R&B ditty in which she states: "I'm like the ringleader, I make it hot, I call the shots". The song is destined for greatness with its clever, catchy lyrics, great beat, and once again, strong and agressive vocals. An amazing follow up to "Womanizer" and a sure-fire hit. Her third number one perhaps? 5/5

3.Out From Under- One thing "Blackout" lacked, as amazing as it was, was a full fledged Britney ballad. Here, Britney conveys a strong message through a powerful, breathtakingly beautiful ballad. Her voice sounds lovely and you can tell she is singing from experience and with emotion. The lyrics are relatable and it genuinely sweeps you from your feet. 5/5

4.Kill The Lights- "Piece Of Me" part 2? Absouletly! On one of the only collabarations with "Gimme More" producer Danja, Britney takes another swing at the paps. With hard-hitting lyrics and an electrifying beat that is to sure to shake the clubs, Britney gives the paparazzi something to chew on. It's a great song to sing along to and is fun yet still withholding a strong message. 5/5

5.Shattered Glass- A roaring dance track with a chorus sure to send a chill up your spine. Britney tells the man who did her wrong he can have his cake and eat it. The chorus has carefully arranged strings and lyrics that compliment them fantastically. It's a great uptempo and has simmilarities to "Womanizer", lyrically. Overall, another terrific record, although a tad bit short, it still works amazingly. 5/5

6.If U Seek Amy- When Britney and Max Martin work together, hits are made. "If U Seek Amy" is absouletly no exception. This astoundingly catchy electro-pop number fuses great, mysterious lyrics, with genious hidden messages. Although we all know what Britney is saying, she says it as innocent as ever, all adding to the geniousness of the song. Overall, the lyrics are potentially the best of the album and you could say the same for the instrumental as well. I smell a future third single coming on! 5/5

7.Unusual You- A trance type number with brilliant lyrics. It has a melancholy mood and is uplifting yet sad at the same time. The lyrics are pure greatness, but the way that they are sung really brings them to life. In a gripping voice Britney describes the surprise of a lover who is more than she expected after many failed relationships. The instrumental was done perfectly as well. The synths, strings, drums, and all make for an interesting compostiton (in a great way). Another perfect number. 5/5

8.Blur- Wow. That is one way to describe this record. It's lyrics and instrumental are both beautiful in a twisted way. The lyrics- describing the horrors of realizing what you did last night- portray a sharp image. They paint a picture perfectly telling a story that allows you to reflect on your own personal memories. The instrumental is the perfect combination of drums and strings really brings that picture to life. Overall, one of the absoulte best tracks from Circus. Or from Britney ever. Period. 5/5

9.Mmm Papi- I cannot put my finger on this song. It appears to be simply a pop record but also seems to draw its influences from an outside source. Besides that, the lyrics are alright. Just average compared to others on the album. The instrumental however is still very exciting and mesmerising. The beat is addictive and fun to listen to. If I had to pick one song that I don't absouletly love on the album it would be this one. I feel that it's mystery influence and average lyrics bog the song down a bit. However, I still like it and think the instrumental is brilliant and catchy. 4/5

10.Mannequin- What a track! Britney's vocals are simply amazing, the instrumental is genious, and the lyrics are terrific! To a pulsating beat Britney vocalizes lyrics both catchy and bold. The use of sirens is done extremely well on this track. It is most definitley unique and a great track to dance to. Judging by the leaked video of Britney dancing to this track, she has an amazing dance and performance for this song ready for her upcoming tour! Overall, an outstanding song that only Britney can pull off! 5/5

11.Lace And Leather- To me this is the "fun" song on the album. The lyrics are simple yet sexy and sultry. The instrumental is very 80'sish and I cannot help but compare it to Madonna's "Dance 2nite". The chorus is very catchy and you definitley can just picture Britney having a blast recording this song in the studio! Another great track that I will enjoy performing in my room and dancing along to! The guitar breakdown is also pure greatness! :D 5/5

12.My Baby- A beautiful ballad to close the (standard) edition of the album. The lyrics appear to be talking about Britney's two adorable baby boys. ("Tiny hands') They were co-written by Britney and you can tell they mean alot to her. The instrumental of the song definitley compliments the lyrics and makes you understand what they are really saying. Overall, an amazing way to end an album. Brings a tear to your eye and the end note is astonishing. 5/5

Overall= 59/60 + 1 mak for an amazing cover, +5 for the making of Circus, +5 for an amazing booklet= 70/60=A++++!

Comments: I adore the album from start to finnish. It's another hit album for Britney that will produce many hits! Thanx for reading!

Love you Britney! <3

Yours truly,


Yodilit ,


This Album is one word. Solid.
No filler. Just fantastic pop tracks!

Although Radar feels a little out of place...

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