7 Songs, 1 Hour 7 Minutes


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4.0 out of 5
5 Ratings

5 Ratings

billydabomb666 ,

So Bad its Good

No musical structure, hideous chords, incomprehensible growling, bassicaly noise, all in all a great album. I thought these guys were a joke and I wanted to turn of the music, but I couldn't, It sounds both horrible and amazing at the same time. You hate it, but you can't stop listening, its mezmerizing, hypnotic, and good, not in the technical sense. Its not like you like it, you just can't stop listening to it, and you want to hear more. I definatley recommend checking it out.

JunkParlor ,

Interesting Concept, Poorly Executed

This album is fairly dull and non-eventful. It doesn't even compare to good drone bands like Earth, Corrupted and Boris. The ideas of blending extreme metal with drones and heavy drones is somewhat interesting, but this band lacks focus and depth when executing the combination of these styles. All of the sounds just meddle and blend with each other. Sunn O))) is a highly overrated band and often bores the listener with a lack of variation. Although there a worst bands out there, Sunn O))) never seems to go anywhere or really achieve anything remarkable in extreme metal. Sunn O))) are a band stuck in the void.

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