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About Yohimbe Brothers

Naming themselves after the African root used to enhance male sexual performance, longtime collaborators Vernon Reid and DJ Logic united in 2002 as Yohimbe Brothers and released Front End Lifter, a dense album of guitar-fueled turntablism. The two New York-based artists first came together in the early '90s as founding members of the Black Rock Coalition. At the time, Reid led Living Colour, a short-lived yet enormously successful hard rock band driven largely by his guitar playing, and Logic participated in the band Eye & I. Following the demise of both Living Colour and Eye & I, the two artists partook in numerous projects, both mutually and independently, before finally making their partnership official in 2002 as Yohimbe Brothers with the release of Front End Lifter on Ropeadope Records. A month-long cross-country tour followed in October. ~ Jason Birchmeier


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