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About Tapping the Vein

Recording-studio intern Eric Fisher first met programmer/keyboardist Charlie Clouser while working at the same studio in Philadelphia, PA. When he heard the sound that Clouser could get from electronic instruments, he was inspired enough to start writing with a sequencer and a sampler. He soon found guitarist Steve Stagg and bassist Lou Louvenir to help him with his vision, until finally the trio picked the name Tapping the Vein and continued onward. When auditioning singers, Heather Thompson came in and immediately won herself the job with her strong vocals. They recorded a demo and started working locally, but Stagg and Louvenir dropped out and turned the band into a duo. Thompson and Fisher brought in guitarist Mark Burkert and bassist Joe Rolland to record a second demo. They started opening for like-minded artists in their hometown, eventually gathering quite the local fan base while their music began to catch on nationally through their involvement with They signed to Nuclear Blast in 2001 and recorded their debut, The Damage, for a 2002 release. ~ Bradley Torreano

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