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A doom metal collective from Manchester, England, Atavist scored big points early in their career by opening for doom heavyweights Sunn0))) in 2004. During that tour, Atavist recorded a demo, "31:38," which would land them an important recording deal with Invada. With a label in tow, Atavist released their first album, Atavist, in 2005, and collaborated with metalgaze duo Nadja. Their second album, II: Ruined, was released with added support from Profound Lore Records, which would earn the band more exposure in North America. Before recording a follow-up could begin, however, founding member Shane Ryan (bass) left the fold, changing the lineup of the band to founder Chris Naughton on guitar, ex-Narcosis member Oliver Turner on bass, Matt Bartley on vocals, and ex-Murder of Rosa Luxembourg member Simon Lucas on percussion. They had a busy 2008, with a planned second collaboration with Nadja, the EP Alchemic Resurrection, and work on III: Absolution. It wasn't until after a ten-year hiatus that III: Absolution saw completion: Returning in 2020, the metal outfit announced the album was to be released in June that year. With production from Chris Fielding (Primordial, Napalm Death) and mastering in the hands of James Plotkin (Khanate, Old Lady Drivers), the album was comprised of four extensive tracks. ~ Chris True

    Manchester, England

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