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About Ze Geraldo

Zé Geraldo began developing a faithful audience in the '70s with his style derived from the peace-and-love philosophy and Brazilian and American folk music. In the mid-'90s, he expanded his career to embrace U.S. and Canada, where he performs for audiences formed by Latino and Brazilian people. His biggest hits were "Senhorita," "Banquete de Hipócritas," "Milho aos Pombos," and "Negro Amor" (a version by Péricles Cavalcanti of "It's All Over Now Baby Blue" by Bob Dylan).

At 18, Geraldo moved to São Paulo. Between 1975 and 1978, he won awards at several festivals, having being hired by CBS. His first solo album was recorded in 1979, Terceiro Mundo, featuring "Reciclagem," "Promessas de um Idiota às Seis da Manhã" (both written by him), and "Cidadão" (Lúcio Barbosa). In 1980, Geraldo participated in the TV Globo festival MPB-Shell with "Rio Doce," participating in the next year's festival with "Milho aos Pombos." His songs "Semente de Tudo" and "São Sebastião do Rodeio" were included in the TV Globo's soap operas Livre Para Voar and Paraíso. ~ Alvaro Neder