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About George Fenton

British composer George Fenton certainly has a magic touch when it comes to composing scores for motion pictures. He began composing in 1975, and soon penned music for such British theatre directors as Peter Gill, Howard Davies, Adrian Noble, and Richard Eyre. His efforts paid off in a big way, as he won respective BAFTA and Ivor Novello awards for his work. But his greatest accomplishments were yet to come. Starting in 1983, Fenton successfully made the transition from theatre to movies, receiving Oscar nominations (Best Musical Score) for the movies Gandhi, Dangerous Liaisons, Cry Freedom, The Fisher King, and Dangerous Beauty (1998). Although he occasionally conducts concerts of his work, he spends most of his time composing for orchestra and lecturing at film festivals and colleges when time permits. Fenton also founded the Association of Professional Composers, and is a member of both the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences and the Royal Society of Music. ~ Greg Prato

19 Oct 1950