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About Brian Evans

Self-professed crooner Brian Evans has worn a lot of hats during his entertainment career, from author to actor, singer, and composer, with a little bit of con-man hustle thrown in. Evans grew up in Haverhill, Massachusetts, and early on he was introduced to big-band music, and was particularly fascinated by crooners like Frank Sinatra. He moved to Los Angeles in 1986 to pursue a career in the entertainment business, landing roles as an actor in commercials, in television series (Beverly Hills 90210 and Full House among them), and in New Line Cinema's Book of Love. As an author, he wrote an autobiography, Dreamer, in 1994, and was one of the writers and creators of the comic book series Horrorscope. As a singer, he has released several albums, mostly in Canada. In June of 1991 he was convicted of felony theft for impersonating radio personality Casey Kasem and charging nearly $3,000 to a Los Angeles travel agency in Kasem's name. Sentenced to six months probation, he violated that probation by leaving the state of California to sing the national anthem at an East Coast baseball game, a gambit that landed him in prison for a year. Upon release, he resumed his entertainment career. In 2004, he did an attention-grabbing left turn and ran a failed bid for the United States Senate in Hawaii as a politician. His major-label debut, My Turn, produced by Narada Michael Walden, appeared in 2013. ~ Steve Leggett

Haverhill, MA

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