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Hothouse Flowers got their start on the streets of Dublin, Ireland, when singer/keys player Liam O’Maonlai and guitarist Fiachna O’Broainain began performing in an act called the Incomparable Benzini Brothers. Over time, the two added a bassist, saxophonist, and drummer, and Hothouse Flowers was born. When Bono of U2 saw them perform on television, he offered to put out a single on U2’s label, which subsequently led to a deal with PolyGram. PEOPLE, the band’s full-length 1988 debut, was a rousing mix of traditional Irish music, soul, gospel, and rock, and proved a tremendous commercial success in the U.K. HOME (1990) and SONGS FROM THE RAIN (1993) also fared well. The band took a break until ’98, when BORN appeared, featuring the use of electronica elements. A live album, a collection of unreleased tracks, and 2004’s INTO YOUR HEART followed.

    Dublin, Ireland
  • BORN