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Although he takes his alias from the Sumerian god of the crescent moon, Sin Nanna is a human citizen of Hobart, Tasmania, and practitioner of the black metal arts at their most visceral, brutal, and misanthropic, under the one-man-band moniker of Striborg -- itself derived from the god of winds and storms in Slavic mythology. Originally conceived of in 1997, Striborg concentrated on recording scattered demos and occasionally compiling them into equally limited CD pressings for the next half-decade -- only to unveil two proper albums, Spiritual Catharsis and Mysterious Semblance, in 2004, and a third entitled Trepidation in 2005. When compared to the following year's Southern Lord release of his most recent and earliest demos, Embittered Darkness/Isle de Morts, these albums showcased Sin Nanna's enduring commitment to raw and hateful black metal throughout his mostly underground career. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia