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About Band Of Gypsies

Band of Gypsies are alternatively known as 3 Man Island, and consist of the production, writing, and recording team of Nigel Swanston and Tim Cox, not to be confused with the Jimi Hendrix trio of the same name. Swanston and Cox met when the latter auditioned as a guitarist for Swanstons band (eventually gaining a job as their keyboard player). They have been working with the Pulse 8 Records label since their present manager, Steve Long, found a record they had produced and traced them through their publishing house. As 3 Man Island they had already enjoyed a U.S. Top Ten hit with a joke record, while the original Band of Gypsies project was actually a track developed over a longer period of time that eventually emerged as a first single (eponymously credited). They continued to use the name for their productions for Pulse 8 with Sue Chaloner and Rozalla. Their own singles included "Take Me Higher" and "Stand Up," recorded with the help of ex-September vocalist Juliette Jaimes.