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About Ward Churchill

Ward Churchill (Keetoowah Band Cherokee) is a professor, author, lecturer, and outspoken Native American activist. He is a well-known critic of the FBI and the status quo in America, an expert on the nature and meaning of genocide, and a vocal supporter of activism in its many forms. Like fellow intellectual/social firebrand Noam Chomsky, Churchill has expanded his reach beyond academia and into the world of independent music and publishing. He has released numerous recordings of his lectures through such liberal-minded labels as Oakland, CA's AK Press/Alternative Tentacles and G7 Welcoming Committee, the Winnipeg, Canada, independent media outlet run by Propagandhi's Jordy and Chris. He also wrote the liner notes for the import version of politico-punk outfit International Noise Conspiracy's 2001 release New Morning, Changing Weather. ~ Johnny Loftus