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Not to be confused with the 1960s/early-'70s psychedelic band that was also called the Godz, this foursome was a Cleveland-based hard rock outfit of the late '70s and '80s. The band was formed in Columbus, Ohio in 1976, when bassist/producer Eric Moore got together with lead guitarist Mark Chatfield, rhythm guitarist/keyboardist Bob Hill, and drummer Glen Cataline. All four contributed lead vocals. The Godz signed with Casablanca in 1977, which was also the year in which they had an opening spot on Kiss' Love Gun Tour. (Cheap Trick was the other opening act on that tour.) The Midwesterners recorded two little-known albums for Casablanca: 1978's The Godz and 1979's Nothing Is Sacred, both of which received very little attention. More albums followed in the '80s, including 1985's I'll Get You Rockin' on Heavy Metal America and 1987's Mongolians on Grudge. The band faded away soon after, although Moore re-formed the band in the 2010s for a pair of albums, 2012's Last of the Outlaws and 2015's Last Rites. ~ Alex Henderson

Columbus, OH

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