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Russian electronic dance music project PPK, based on the names of their original members -- DJ/producer and radio celebrity Sergey Pimenov, composer/sound engineer and ex-Nazaretov Jazz Music School member Alexander Polyakov, and DJ Korzh -- debuted live on February 21, 1998, in a local festival followed by a live performance at the KaZantip 1998 before issuing their first record, Feel Insomnia. Even when DJ Korzh decided to pursue a solo career, Pimenov and Polyakov kept working together. In 2000, PPK released "I Have a Dream," an experimental track with samples from the historic speech by Martin Luther King. That same year, "ResuRection" became a local hit.

British DJ/remixer/producer Paul Oakenfold picked "ResuRection" in 2001 and signed the Russian outfit to release the song through his own label, Perfecto Records. ~ Drago Bonacich