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Starting with 1996's 747 (Don't Worry) on Darla Records, Philadelphia's Photon Band unleashed a flurry of unique psychedelia-tinged indie rock onto the music scene. Led by ex-Lilys member Art Difuria and backed by drummer Simon Nagle and bassists Gary Plowman and Jeff Tanner, the band wasn't heard from again until 1999's limited-edition All Young in the Soul, while 2000's Oh the Sweet, Sweet Changes found the band embracing '60s-influenced rock. Also in 2000, the band released Our Own ESP Driven Scene Singles, an hour's worth of singles, compilation tracks, and outtakes from 1995 through 2000, as the band proved how productive an outfit it was. The disc showed different sides to the band, including wildly experimental tracks. Soon after, the limited-edition Alone on the Moon featured three fresh, adrenaline-fueled Photon Band songs over 36 minutes. The band's arsenal included tremolo on this record, and the result was an all-around resounding mini-LP. In 2002, the band unveiled the whimsical It's a Lonely Planet, again on Darla Records. Six years later, the group released Back Down to Earth on Empyrean Records. ~ Stephen Cramer

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