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About Les Charlots

Known for their humorous songs and parodic knack, Les Charlots are a French comedy-pop band whose recording career spans several decades, from the mid-'60s until the mid-'80s. They also appeared in a long line of slapstick comedy films, most of them released during the 1970s when the group was at its peak of popularity. Comprised of Gérard Rinaldi (vocals), Gérard Filipelli (lead guitar), Luis Rego (rhythm guitar), Jean Sarrus (bass), and Jean-Guy Fechner (drums), the band made its recording debut in 1966 with the four-song 7" EP Chauffe Marcel... on the label Disques Vogue. In 1967 the band made its full-length album debut with the live recording Les Charlots à l'Olympia, followed shortly thereafter that same year by the studio effort Charlow'up. Les Charlots remained highly active on Disques Vogue throughout the 1960s and '70s, releasing a multitude of singles as well as albums including Caf'Conc'Charlots (1968), Les Charlots Chantent Boris Vian (1969), Charlotissimo (1969), Il Etait une Fois à l'Olympia (1969), Charloteries (1971), Les Charlots en Vadrouille (1972), Olympia 72 (1972), Les Grands Succès (1972), Au Pays des Pesetas (1973), Ce Soir J'attends Valéry (1975), Nouvelle Cuvee (1976), and Et Ta Soeur... (1977). Though Les Charlots remained active in subsequent years, their output was sporadic and proved increasingly less popular as the band moved from label to label in search of commercial success. In addition to latter-day efforts on labels such as Barclay, a variety of greatest-hits collections were compiled for release over the years. While Les Charlots were at the peak of their popularity during the late '60s and early '70s, the band began appearing regularly in a long line of slapstick comedy films including La Grande Java (1971), Les Bidasses en Folie (1971), Les Fous du Stade (1972), and many more. ~ Jason Birchmeier