About Lenore

Lenore Elaine, a Canadian native, was raised in Port Arthur, then moved to Toronto where she worked as a personnel manager until she decided to drop out of the paid workforce to stay home and raise a family. At the time, she planned to eventually become a freelance writer. Somehow though, she ended up teaching herself to play the guitar, a few notes at a time, and turning her love for poetry writing to songwriting. Singing along to her new tunes came just as naturally. Around the end of 1990, Lenore began performing on stage in clubs, first only in Toronto and Ontario. In 1997, she released a self-titled debut under her own label. The album was remixed and remastered in 1999. Some of the superb tracks on this reworked offering are "Born With the Blues," "I've Wanted You," "Rock & Roll," and "Goin' to New Orleans." After Lenore finished up the remix, she soon went back into the studio and began work on a brand new album. The resulting release, Summer Dancing, offered a lot of the bluesy songs that had been building in her live repertoire in-between albums. Lenore's music has received positive reviews in many magazines, including Extreme, Nefarious, Renegade, and Atnzone. Critics have listed her style as folk country, funky folk, blues, and pop/rock. Her live shows are filled with original material that is delivered with high energy and a voice that can go from sweet to sensual. ~ Charlotte Dillon