Frantisek Kmoch

About Frantisek Kmoch

Kmoch studied the violin in Zasmuky, Kolin and in Prague when he attended college. He returned to his home in 1869 teaching in school and composing and playing for local affairs. Due to political intrigue, Kmoch was suspended from his teaching responsibilities, went to Kolin and gathered musicians capable and numerous enough to perform symphonic music. Because the fame of this group spread they were able to tour in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia as well as Krakow, Budapest, Novgorod, Gorky and Vienna. They were even invited to the United States. The over three hundred compositions to Kmoch's credit were primarily vocal marches based on Czech folk melodies. He also composed dances particularly waltzes. As the founder of the Czechoslovakian band movement, Kmoch became the subject of a film and an operetta by Jankovec. ~ Keith Johnson